Chapter 13 Part 1: Lord of Lords - I Thought I Picked Up a Girl Who Had Fallen Down, But It Turned Out To Be The Future Demon Lord

Chapter 13 Part 1: Lord of Lords - I Thought I Picked Up a Girl Who Had Fallen Down, But It Turned Out To Be The Future Demon Lord

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Chapter 13: Lord of Lords (Part 1)

At last, it’s time to go to the surface.

While I’m thinking this, I notice that Spica is getting nervous.

She tightly presses lips that seem to lose their color, and now and then she opens her mouth and closes it. I wonder if she wants to say something. I can’t stand to watch her, so I call out to her while looking up at the light.

“Hey. Is there anything you want to do after we are done with Parose Village? If there's something you want to see, I'll show you ...Let's have some fun together."

"...Are you sure?"

She asks me while her red eyes flicker.

"Hmm... As I told you before, it's best if you don't hold back and ask for it.”

"Then ...I'd like you to make more sweets using the Linka fruit."

"...Is that what you want?”

"Yep, it was super delicious. I want to eat it again.”

"All right. I promise to make it for you. Then let's go."

As I speak, I straddle on the ice dragon and present my hand to Spica. Seeing her still looking nervous, I naturally smiled.

"Don't worry. If there is a problem I will handle it.”

Little by little, Spica's small white hand extends and slowly takes my hand.

Her hands are delicate and softer than I expected but a little colder than my hands.

I pull her hand up and make her sit firmly on the icy back of the dragon. Due to my magic, she doesn't feel the freezing cold.

Just when I think I've put my magic into the dragon and it's ready to charge to the surface … It's when my playful side pops out.

"Hey. Since we're here, let's give a shout-out.

“... Okay”

She looks at me with eyes that have no emotion. Her eyes seem to be frostier than my ice.

Come on, it's okay if I'm a little playful.

"It's not fun to fly without saying anything, is it? Besides, it gets me fired up more than a man's annoying voice does."

As if she has given up, she lowers her eyes, lets out a small exhale, and then inhales sharply.


"Haha, thanks, that's great. Let's go then!"

It's great that you're going out with me in some way or another way.

The dragon flaps its wings wide. And as soon as its body seems to levitate, the ice dragon dives up...


The dragon's growling voice cuts through the silence of the village.

Under the clear sunlight of a pleasant spring day, a gentle and vast scene of simple nature is woven together. Ordinary life goes on.

Until just a few minutes ago.

  • Translator: Heartless

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