Chapter 211: The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg For Forgiveness

Chapter 211: The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg For Forgiveness

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Chapter 211The Source of Eerie Qi:

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(At the Light Beam of Resurrection)

Seeing Lin Sheng enter the Bronze Gate again, everyone on the Lingxuan Continent held their breath nervously, including Su Qingyi and all the others.

In the past, when he was still Lin Shu, he had been killed once before, and the outcome was quite tragic.

Despite his best efforts, Lin Shu couldn't handle any blows from his opponent. He barely managed to retrieve all the spiritual Qi lost on the Lingxuan Continent and suffered heavy injuries as a result.

Well, the current Lin Sheng appeared to be several times stronger than the original Lin Shu. Nevertheless, the other side was an entity from the higher world, after all.

So, nobody knew what the outcome would be if Lin Sheng entered the Bronze Gate again.


(Within the Light Beam of Resurrection)

As Lin Sheng stood in midair, he gazed up at the Bronze Gate above him.

With the several chains of laws that he had grasped into his hands before, he transformed them into a long whip weapon.

With five laws manifested into this long whip, an endlessly magnificent radiance emanated from it.

Grasping this whip, Lin Sheng stepped before the Bronze Gate and walked inside step by step.

Though millions of years had passed since Lin Shu entered the Bronze Gate last time, the scene outside the Lingxuan Continent was almost unchanged.

A river of bright stars representing the higher world could be seen in front of Lin Sheng.

Within the river of stars, countless powerful worlds were floating and sinking.

In the past, such a scene mesmerized Lin Shu for a long time.

But now, Lin Sheng had already absorbed all of Lin Shu's memories, and he had barely glanced at this radiant star river.

His gaze immediately turned to the Lingxuan continent.

The Lingxuan continent was located behind him, still enclosed by those stone pillars. Moreover, it was continuously eroded by the eerie Qi emanating from the inscriptions engraved on them.

Among these stone pillars, there was a small porcelain bottle.

This vase differed from the previous porcelain vase that sucked the spiritual Qi of the Lingxuan Continent. However, the current porcelain vase was emitting a constant stream of eerie Qi.

It seemed that the eerie Qi from here was altering the Lingxuan Continent's chains of the Law of Death.

Lin Sheng's face changed slightly as he saw this, and just as he attempted to destroy the porcelain vase, a terrifying aura suddenly appeared behind him.

Along with a terrifying aura, a massive eyeball appeared above Lin Sheng's head, just as it did when it attacked Lin Shu previously.

"How dare you."

Lin Sheng's ears rang with a rumbling noise.

Suddenly, a terrifying aura surpassed everything above Lin Sheng's head.

In the past, the massive eyeball slashed Lin Shu in half, severely injuring him and causing him to barely escape and return to the Lingxuan Continent.

However, Lin Sheng had already surpassed Lin Shu in strength.

Moreover, he possessed Lin Shu's memories.

So, the moment he stepped out of the Lingxuan Continent, he predicted that he would suffer the attack from such a powerful opponent.

Thus, faced with the sudden appearance of this high world powerhouse, Lin Sheng casually unleashed a powerful law, intending to destroy the porcelain vase underneath the Lingxuan continent.

But to his surprise, his strike penetrated directly through the porcelain vase, as if it didn't exist at all.

Seeing this, the eyeball above its head revealed mockery.

"Ah, you're just a weakling who escaped from the lower world. Last time, you managed to steal this daddy's treasure because I was careless."

As the massive eyeball revealed mocking intent, it released a terrifying amount of Qi.


This terrifying power, once again, condensed into a spear and slashed toward Lin Sheng.

But, just as this spear was about to strike Lin Sheng, he turned his head and looked at the eyeball above him.

At the moment, instead of displaying tension on his face, he wore the same mocking expression as the eyeball creature.

"Although you're a high-ranking creature, I fought you once before. Do you think I will come unprepared this time?".

Lin Sheng snorted coldly, and a spiritual brush materialized quickly in his palm.

Out of thin air, Lin Sheng produced a unique painting scroll with a few casual strokes.

What appeared on top of the scroll was the painting of the Traces of Heaven.

At this moment Lin Sheng had actually redrew the Traces of Heaven's painting from the Lingxuan Continent

In his previous life, Lin Shu almost succumbed to death to paint the Traces of Heaven.

But now, Lin Sheng completed this painting effortlessly.

In fact, the power of this painting became countless times stronger.

As the scroll of the Traces of Heaven painting unfolded, the spear that was about to strike Lin Sheng was completely sucked into it.

However, the scroll collapsed just a moment later.

On the Lingxuan Continent, the power of the Traces of Heaven appeared to be truly terrifying.

But when faced with this kind of high-ranking powerhouse beyond the Lingxuan Continent, the Traces of Heaven was no match.

The scroll of Traces of Heaven neutralised the spear only temporarily.

But it was at this moment, Lin Sheng stepped outside the spear attack range and appeared directly before the eyeball.

Soon, grasping the long whip of laws in his hand, Lin Sheng waved his arm.

The long whip, which carried several laws was directly flung toward the eyeball.

Using these laws, Lin Sheng trapped the eyeball even before it could react.

Just like that, Lin Sheng pulled down this eyeball that had once brought endless suffering to the Lingxuan Continent and overwhelmed it.


Faced with this eyeball before him, Lin Sheng struck it fiercely.


A crack appeared immediately on the eyeball's surface.

This massive eyeball creature eventually turned into countless tiny pieces scattered everywhere.

It was only after Lin Sheng had eliminated the eyeball, he looked back at the Lingxuan Continent.

If the Lingxuan Continent remained trapped here, the crisis would never be lifted.

So, after staring at the Lingxuan Continent in the form of an orb for a moment, Lin Sheng took a step forward and arrived in front of it.

His palm suddenly became massive and grabbed the Lingxuan continent.

He wanted to take the Lingxuan Continent out of these stone pillars.


With Lin Sheng exerting his force, the Lingxuan Continent trembled continuously.


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Synopsis: Link 
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Advance chapters of this series are also available on Patreon!

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