Chapter 11: The Villain Marries Supporting Characters, And The Heroines Regret It!

Chapter 11: The Villain Marries Supporting Characters, And The Heroines Regret It!

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Chapter 11: This World Never Lacks Geniuses:

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Silence filled the entire area.

Everyone’s eyes were glued to Su Changyu’s figure.

"The power just now was..."

"It seems to be an expert."

"Senior Brother Su didn't even move, and Ye Yuan flew out?"

"It must be some strong expert secretly protecting Senior Brother Su!"

After a short silence, loud sounds reverberated among the surrounding crowd.

During his time in the sect, Su Changyu hardly ever made a move.

Well, nobody dared to provoke him, after all.

But now, the crowd realized what had just happened.

In addition to Su Changyu's identity as a potential Holy Son candidate, he was the Ancient Su Family's young master!

The expert who intervened was naturally from the Su Family!


Lu Wuya and the others looked at each other and shook their heads.

They were optimistic about Ye Yuan as his talent was impressive.

However, he had no eyesight in the cultivation world.

This world never lacks geniuses.

And, geniuses who died prematurely weren't geniuses.

Who was to blame if one didn't have enough self-control and eyesight and messed with someone who shouldn't be messed with?

"That's good. if not, outsiders will think that our Great Holy Sect's Holy Son is so simple?" Lu Wuya glanced at the others and secretly thought to himself.

Su Changyu was the potential Holy Son candidate and would soon become Holy Son.

The stronger and more mysterious he was, the better it would naturally be for the sect.

"Sigh~ I've had enough of this useless nonsense, but it's only enough to make people laugh." Looking at Ye Yuan, who had fallen to the ground and spat blood, Su Changyu spoke indifferently.

[Suppressing Ye Yuan is successful, obtained 100 villain points]

[Ye Yuan's heart is greatly damaged, obtained 200 villain points]


Sure enough, it came.

"Of course, it's still necessary to personally take action. The side characters will just send experience to the protagonist."

Su Changyu smiled calmly.

Suppressing the protagonist and experiencing luck backlash?

Well, don't forget that he also has the villain's halo of heavenly destiny.

If your protagonist was awesome, is my villain's lucky streak low?

Of course, just because he did something didn't mean he wanted to beat people up.

Moreover, who doesn't have bodyguards when they go out?

Since he was the villain, he had to show off a lot, right?

Also, what kind of villain are you if you don't play tough?

In the novel, Su Changyu becomes a licking dog to Mu Qingqing, and he never deals with Ye Yuan personally until the end.

But now that there was no such thing, it was unnecessary to think about it.

Only Su Changyu had something else to fear.

That was the 'Great Expert' in Ye Yuan's body.

From what he knew, that woman was a powerful existence living outside the Azura continent, and she had fallen here.

In the end, Ye Yuan accidentally picked her up and revived her with a ring.

According to the original novel, her strength was unfathomable, and Su Changyu was unsure of his ability to kill her in one swoop.

If outsiders intervened against the protagonist, changes were inevitable.

After all, people with heavenly destinies often gain strength in desperate situations and overcome odds.

Therefore, Su Changyu didn't intend to strike recklessly.

Instead, he thought of a more exciting approach.

"Elder Lu, although this individual is ranked first in the new disciple examination, he should be punished for offending me like this, right?" Su Changyu said calmly.

"Nephew Changyu is right." Lu Wuya nodded, "Come here, take Ye Yuan down and lock him up in the Forbidden Cliff."

Truely, it was Ye Yen's problem.

But, whether it was the future Holy Son or Su Changyu, Ye Yuan had to explain the situation to the Su Family.


Su Changyu faintly shook his head, "It's better not to take him to the Forbidden Cliff. Just lock it up in the sect's prison."

Lu Wuya froze.

The Forbidden Cliff was where the Holy Great Sect punished its disciples.

There was a Mysterious Spirit Suppression there, and the disciples who were locked in were tortured day and night, and those with low cultivation could not endure for longer than three days.

It's the most suitable place to punish people.

On the other hand, the sect prison held foreign prisoners and different types of 'prisoners'.

At best, it was just an ordinary cell; even if they were locked in, they wouldn't suffer any repercussions.

"Nephew Changyu, are you sure?"

"Um." Su Changyu nodded.

Naturally, he wasn't pitying Ye Yuan.

Rather, the forbidden cliff of the Great Holy Sect was too unique. Although it wasn't revealed in the novel, the protagonist would always have 'opportunities' in such a place.

He didn't want Ye Yuan to mistakenly receive a heaven-defying inheritance from the Great Holy Sect again.

Lu Wuya nodded, "Then, let's put him in prison."

The next moment, two disciples from the Law Enforcement Hall came over and took Ye Yuan, whose face was pale.

[Mu Qingqing's heart is affected, obtained 100 villain points]

Su Changyu glanced at Mu Qingqing, who was caught surprised on the side.

For this woman, it was the first time she was exposed to the horrors of the Su family.

But seeing her, Su Changyu felt disdain in his heart.

He then turned toward Lu Wuya and cupped his hands, ''Sorry Elder Lu, I originally intended to take a look, but I never expected things to turn out this way. I've disturbed the sect's examination order, so please punish me, Elder."

"Nephew Changyu need not worry. This isn't your fault."

Lu Wuya waved his hand.

"The new disciple assessment is over. The disciple acceptance ceremony will begin in three days!"

As Lu Wuya announced loudly, the Mountain Opening Ceremony officially ended.

Next, it was time to wait for the disciple acceptance session three days later.

"It's over."

"Tsk~ Who would have thought it would end like this?"

"That Ye Yuan deserved it, ignoring his place and challenging Senior Brother Su."

"Senior Brother Su's reputation is something a small person like him can provoke?"

"Now he's been imprisoned. The good old honour of the title of being the first in the examination has turned into a prison sentence."

"He doesn't know how to restrain himself; he deserves to be punished."

"Senior Brother Su is merciful. It would be even worse if Ye Yuan were imprisoned in the Forbidden Cliff."

In the crowd, Nangong Ao revealed a delighted look.

He was right. Ye Yuan provoked Su Changyu and was bound to be punished!

"That brat is out of his mind, but this is good. With Ye Yuan being imprisoned, the title of top one in this sect's examination will still fall on me."

Nangong Ao thought secretly, intending to find an opportunity to contact Su Changyu.

"Senior Brother Su!"

At this moment, Mu Qingqing recovered from the shock and caught up with Su Changyu, and softly said, "A few days ago, I went to Tea Peak to fetch some top-quality tea leaves. Is Senior Brother free to come to my place to taste tea?"

Hearing this, Su Changyu passed.

He turned around and curled his lips, "Junior Sister Mu wants to invite me for tea?"

When Su Changyu gazed at Mu Qingqing, she became nervous for no apparent reason, but nevertheless said, "Yes, yes."

"About tea..."

Su Changyu stretched out his hand toward her, and his palm slowly approached Mu Qingqing's cheek.

Seeing this, Mu Qingqing tensed up.

Instinctively, she wanted to avoid it; however, she thought that if she could repair her relationship with Su Changyu in this manner, she would be better off for it.

But suddenly, Su Changyu stopped his hand when he was about to touch her.

"This face of yours, it's as white as a lotus flower." Su Changyu smiled faintly, turned around and said, "Jiuming, go back and make tea for Young Master."


Su Jiuming answered and said to Mu Qingqing, "Miss Mu, young master seems to dislike your tea."

Mu Qingqing's face turned white.

[Host refuses dog-licking behaviour, obtained 50 villain points]

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