Chapter 54 - Villain seized the Assassin Heroine at the Start!

Chapter 54 - Villain seized the Assassin Heroine at the Start!

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Chapter 54: I'll Put It On For You

Xiao Yingxia wore the same mysterious noble black evening gown as before but when she now showed up and was walking, she looked stunning.

Under the evening gown, her two snow-white feet could be seen.

With slow steps, she was walking with her dazzling pair of 'Crystal Love' high-heeled shoes.

Everyone could not help but follow Xiao Yingxia's footsteps with their eyes.

Their eyes were fixed on the beautiful pair of high-heeled shoes... or to be more precise they were drawn to what was within the high-heeled shoes... her exquisite pair of snow-white jade feet.

Xiao Yingxia was no doubt stunning with her pair of high-heeled shoes.

Not only did she seem noble and elegant, but was also alluring, delicate, and adorable!

She had the flawless blend of two temperaments!

Everyone could not help but become mesmerized by her.

Han Qiansan, the masked man in the crowd, was also stunned.

He knew that Xiao Yingxia was a beauty for a long time now, but was still caught off-guard seeing her so stunning at this moment...

It was said that a woman would doll herself up for him whom she loves.[1]

Though Xiao Yingxia dolled herself up so exquisitely, it wasn't meant for him...

Han Qiansan felt a stab of pain in his heart!

[Ding! Host's villainous behavior spiked Han Qiansan jealously towards the Host, rewarding 1000 villain points!]


And it was at this moment that many began to notice the dazzling sapphire necklace that Xiao Yingxia wore on her chest, the pair of beautiful earrings on her ears, and a silver-white bracelet on her wrist...

"I-Isn't that... the 'Goddess Heart' set?!" someone exclaimed.

The ones that hadn't witnessed the staff presenting the 'Goddess Heart' set to Xiao Yingxia, began to exclaim.

It was because the 'Goddess Heart' set was as valuable as the pair of 'Crystal Love' high-heeled shoes that Xiao Yingxia wore under her feet.

It also had been put on exhibition many a time overseas and was well-known.

It was also known that the set was bought by a woman with the surname Yan in China for the astronomical price of 200 million yuan!

But to one's surprise, it now showed up on Xiao Yingxia's body.

"That's right. It's the same 'Goddess Heart' set. You missed seeing Miss Yan, the hotel owner sending it as a present to Young Master Li's girlfriend..."

"Oh... That's how it is. I heard that Miss Yan bought this 'Goddess Heart' for 200 million yuan but surprisingly gave it as a present..."

"200 million yuan is indeed an astronomical price. But it depends on the person... For someone like Young Master Li, even 2 billion yuan doesn't mean much... "

"Yes. Miss Yan has done a good thing presenting it..."


When Xiao Yingxia who was walking down the banquet hall, heard that the set of jewelry she had put on was worth 200 million yuan, she was startled.

She knew that the jewelry set she put on was expensive, but she didn't expect it to be that expensive!

200 million yuan...

She had now put on something worth that expensive on her body.

In addition to that, she wore a pair of 'Crystal Love' high-heeled shoes under her feet worth 100 million yuan.

Xiao Yingxia was careful as she walked...

"Huh... If I'm not mistaken there should be a ring included in the 'Goddess Heart' jewelry set. Why didn't Young Master Li's girlfriend put it on?"

"You idiot, Isn't that certain? Young Master Li would personally put it on his girlfriend."

"Yes, that must be it!"

"Hold on, this beauty seems kinda familiar. Isn't she Xiao Yingxia from the Xiao family...?"

"That's right. I just remembered when you mentioned it... Didn't the Xiao family recruit a good-for-nothing Son-in-law three years back?... She must be the one named Xiao Yingxia, right...?"

"Eh? What?... Xiao Yingxia was already married?! But Isn't she Young Master Li's girlfriend...?"

"Shh, keep your mouth shut... You do want to live to see tomorrow, don't you?"

The small group of people that had recognized Xiao Yingxia and knew that she was already married could not help but whisper among themselves.

Coincidentally, Xiao Yingxia happened to pass by them and her ears became redder when she heard them.

She was indeed married...

Xiao Yingxia got misty-eyed at this moment.

Since she had married that good-for-nothing man, she was a laughing stock no matter where she went.

She was a laughing stock three years back.

And she was a laughing stock now too.

Nothing had changed...

But why...?

She didn't like him then and she didn't like him now either. Then why did her grandpa insist on marrying her to him...?

The more Xiao Yingxia thought about it, the more she felt wronged.

She could hardly walk before Li Mubai, and her pair of limpid eyes became red.

"What's wrong?"

Li Mubai's slender snow-white fingers stroked away the tears at the corner of Xiao Yingxia's eyes.

"No... nothing..."

After Xiao Yingxia sobbed a bit, she tried to stabilize her mind.

She had to do what she had promised.

She agreed to accompany Li Mubai. She mustn't do anything now that would make him lose face...

"Where's your ring?" Li Mubai could not help but ask Xiao Yingxia seeing her snow-white fingers empty.

"I didn't put it on..."

Xiao Yingxia was embarrassed.

That was a wedding ring...

She had already gotten married.

And she wasn't in any relationship with Li Mubai either.

She couldn't just put the wedding ring on... She really couldn't.

"Let me put it on for you..." Looking at her facial expression, Li Mubai said with a smile.

"I..." Xiao Yingxia hesitated for a moment. With a blush, she then took out the small box that contained the ring...

TL: [1] doll up: to dress elegantly or extravagantly.


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